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Collabs for Games

2014-11-12 08:28:22 by Punk-O-Mate

Hey there, guys! Now I'm ready for games too! Contact me if you want some sound effects or soundtracks!


2014-10-16 13:46:00 by Punk-O-Mate

Sorry, there are some problems with the production and the recording, I've lost the good files and I must remake them, :( . Anyway, next album will regularly come next year.


2014-10-11 16:58:42 by Punk-O-Mate

I've released here in Newgrounds my first playlist/EP. Now I will come back in 2015 for many other audio projects, if you have something to tell me, keep sending me private messages, I'm still online!

Hi, guys!

2014-09-19 07:36:18 by Punk-O-Mate

Hi, I'm a DJ and musician, please pm me for collabs or whatever! Thank you very much for No Doubt Man's success! Thanks to the audio listeners who like my songs and download them!